Prayers on the Prairie

The religious landscape of Minnesota, always diverse, is growing increasingly rich, dynamic, and multifaceted. Minnesotans from Asian Pacific communities, countries, and nations are adding to these experiences and bringing new meanings, beliefs, and prayers to the prairie.

While many Asian Minnesotans have strong Christian traditions, churches, and communities, others have different religious traditions that, despite their ancient roots, are new to this place we call Minnesota. Prayers on the Prairie examines five of these distinct religious traditions -- Hinduism, Theravada Buddhism, Chinese Ancestral Worship, Hmong Animism, and Islam -- practiced among many of Minnesota's Asian American Communities.


Visit temples, attend religious celebrations, and listen to practitioners share their experiences and viewpoints as you explore these five distinct religious traditions.


Photo Book

Lose yourself in the intricate detail and vast landscapes of this photo book designed to accompany the documentary. These photographs highlight the array of people, textures, architecture, and places that bring these religious traditions to life in Minnesota.

Coming soon!

Educational Resources

Expand your knowledge of these religious traditions as you learn from religious leaders and scholars who explain parts of the history, demographics, tenets, doctrines, rituals, and other aspects of each religious practice.

Informational Booklet

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The Council on Asian Pacific Minnesotans and the Minnesota Humanities Center wish to thank the liaisons who coordinated interviews and visits with faith communities and the community members and religious leaders who spoke with us about their faith.