Programs & Events

The Minnesota Humanities Center is dedicated to bringing informative, enlightening, and engaging workshops and events to K-12 educators and the public. Whether you are looking to expand your humanities-based content, or simply want to increase your understanding of the changing world around you, the Humanities Center is committed to providing all Minnesotans with an opportunity to meet, converse, and learn from one-another.

Absent Narratives Approach

The Absent Narratives approach is a relationship-based approach to creating equity within systems and communities. This approach helps people understand that all actions, decisions, and beliefs exist in relationship to others and impacts how we work with and influence our peers and students. By building and strengthening relationships, this approach recognizes the limits of a single story, learns from the multiplicity of voices in the community, and discovers solutions within the community.

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An Evening with tpt's MN Original

An Evening with tpt’s MN Original is a two-part series of events designed to celebrate and learn from Minnesota’s creative community. At each event, participants will have an opportunity to hear from authors and artists featured in the award-winning series, MN Original. In addition, there will be a time of facilitated discussion and reflection on the artist’s work.

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Bdote Field Trip

Spend the day visiting local sites of significance to Dakota people, learning about them from the Dakota perspective. As you experience these places, you will challenge assumptions made about Dakota history and identity and gain a deeper understanding of the significance of places like Pilot Knob, Wakan Tipi, and Mounds Park to this land’s first people.

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Online Learning Opportunities

The Minnesota Humanities Center partners with educators, schools, and cultural organizations to offer online professional development opportunities. These programs build and strengthen student-teacher relationships, recognize the danger of a single story, and find solutions within the community.

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Toward a More Perfect Union


Drawing on the unique resources of the humanities, the Humanities Center builds a thoughtful, literate, engaged society. Toward a More Perfect Union is a new initiative that furthers these goals by harnessing the power of conversation to explore the most basic yet profound questions of our democracy. Through locally shaped, facilitated dialogues in communities throughout our state, Minnesotans of diverse backgrounds and experiences will explore the Constitution as a living document in their lives.

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Veterans' Voices

In the spirit of celebrating the accomplishments of Minnesota veterans, the Humanities Center hosted an unprecedented event that celebrated 25 Veterans' Voices, recognizing the next great generation. The 25 Veterans' Voices Award highlighted veterans who have made exceptional contributions to the community, in business, health care, public safety, education, the arts, government, and any other endeavor which merited recognition. These rising stars have not merely returned to civilian life but are thriving and giving back to their Minnesota communities.

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Why Treaties Matter: Self Government in the Dakota and Ojibwe Nations Exhibit

Discover why American Indian - U.S. Treaties matter to all of us today. Learn about the traveling exhibit Why Treaties Matter: Self-Government in the Dakota and Ojibwe Nations and go deeper with video, additional content, and resources.

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