Chicano Latino Affairs Council

 The Minnesota Humanities Center's collaborative work with the Chicano Latino Affairs Council (CLAC) focuses on projects and programs that promote Minnesota’s artistic, historical, and cultural heritage and improving levels of educational achievement for Latino youth.

Building a Stronger MN: Challenges and Opportunities in Latino Education (January – September 2013)

The Chicano Latino Affairs Council and the Humanities Center will build on the grant received last year, which was intended to identify the elements of success in programs for Latino high school students and ways to replicate them. Applying the findings of CLAC's and Hispanic Advocacy and Community Empowerment through Research’s (HACER) research, CLAC and the Humanities Center will pilot the program in two Minnesota schools.

The Minnesota Latino Achievement Gap in Education and the Alchemy of Globalization (April – December 2012)

The Chicano Latino Affairs Council, in partnership with the Minnesota Humanities Center and HACER, leveraged its unique role in addressing the education challenges and opportunities faced by Latino students by highlighting how assets of Latino cultures and languages contribute to closing the gap.  The central theme and core value guiding the research was “culture and language matter,” – culture and language are assets and not liabilities.

Collaborative Programming (2009 – 2011 Biennium)

During the 2009-2011 Biennium, the Minnesota Humanities Center's collaborative work with the CLAC focused on conveying the contributions of Minnesota's Latino community to our state through four related video projects. These projects document and amplify the significant contributions the Latino community is making to cultural and economic opportunity statewide.

Absent Narratives: St. Paul's West Side

Explore the history and development of St. Paul's West Side into a thriving business center of Latino culture and commerce through a series of brief videos featuring past and present members of the community.
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Absent Narratives: Voices from Greater Minnesota

Listen to individuals from greater Minnesota's Latino community discuss the contributions of Latinos to the local culture and economy.
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Absent Narratives: Minneapolis' Mercado Central

Discover the unique history of the Mercado Central, a Latino retail business cooperative on Minneapolis' East Lake Street, through a series of Brief videos featuring individuals who were active in its development.
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Latino Arts: A Community Vision

Learn from twelve of Minnesota's finest Latino artists how they convey a vision of a Minnesota future enriched by Latino culture during this one hour documentary.
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Latinos, Business, and the Arts

Hear from distinguished business and arts leaders from Minnesota's Latino community about the contributions Latinos and Latino culture are making to the state.
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