Bdote Memory Map Resources


The area right in the middle of the Twin Cities is a place where Dakota people started. The Dakota were here to greet the explorers and traders who arrived in the 1500’s. They were here to greet the soldiers who arrived in the 1800’s.

The Dakota were here to greet the pioneers who arrived when the land was taken in a series of treaties with the United States. In the 1860’s, they survived imprisonment in concentration camps and forced removal, and continue to know this place as their own. Today, they share their home with people from throughout the world.

Through the Bdote Memory Map,  you can find out more about some of the most important sites in Dakota history from Dakota people, and share with others your own experience of these special places.

These resources are only a beginning, an initial supplement to the introductory information on the Bdote Memory Map. Sources with a Dakota point of view are rare. Most of these resources express information from a dominant culture point of view. For example, "This region was acquired by the U.S. government by treaty in 1805." The word "acquired" is not chosen by a Dakota writer.  Although primarily aimed at evaluating children's books, this guide from Oyate does a good job of teaching what to look out for when evaluating sources for appropriateness.