Increase Engagement Through Absent Narratives

The Minnesota Humanities Center’s foundational workshop, Increase Engagement Through Absent Narratives, introduces participants to the Absent Narratives Approach, a relationship-based approach to creating equity within systems and communities. Participants will work through the Absent Narratives approach to improve their practices through a process of examples, exercises, and guided reflection.

Increase Engagement Through Absent Narratives Workshop

How can the humanities bring to life the stories of people and place?

Facilitated by Robin Nelson and Heid E. Erdrich, participants will learn how to increase engagement with their communities through the practice of the core values of the Absent Narrative Approach:
  • Build and strengthen relationships;
  • Recognize the power of story and the danger of absence;
  • Learn from and with multiple voices; and
  • Amplify community solutions for change.
Please check back for upcoming dates in 2015.
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